Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments


The purpose of the complaints, suggestions and congratulations forms is to gather expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction from the different interest groups linked to the CUD or to present initiatives to improve the quality of the Centre.

Complaints, suggestions and compliments can be sent anonymously. If the user wishes to receive a reply, he/she must provide an e-mail address or the necessary data for a reply by ordinary mail. The response period will be a maximum of 15 working days.

Definitions of interest

  • Suggestions. A suggestion will be submitted when you wish to propose a quality improvement initiative in the CUD.
  • Complaints. A complaint is submitted when you wish to express your dissatisfaction with a service of the center or the existence of a problem related to the CUD. There will be two types of complaints:
    • Complaints about general aspects.
    • Complaints related specifically to teaching activities.
  • Compliments. A compliment will be presented when you wish to express your gratitude for a service provided by the center.


You can access the Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments Sheet from this page, and submit it online.


  • Anonymous complaints related to teaching activities will not be accepted.
  • Complaints or suggestions in which abuse of rights or lack of basis are detected will not be taken into account.