Research groups

Resolution D41/2022, of July 19, 2022, publishing the regulations for research groups of the Defense University Center at the Spanish Naval Academy.

Name: Building Materials and Alternative Fuels.

Acronym: MEYCA.

Field: Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering.

Coordinator: Rocío Maceiras Castro.

Researchers: Rocío Maceiras Castro, Miguel Ángel Álvarez Feijoo, Víctor Alfonsín Pérez, Jorge Feijoo Conde, Leticia Pérez Rial.

Lines of research: Improvement of materials for construction and production, purification, storage and use of alternative fuels.

Registration date: February 2, 2023.

Resolution: D06/2023

Name: Thermal and Environmental Engineering Group.

Acronym: InTeam.

Field: Industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, automatic engineering, industrial organization engineering, navigation engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering and environmental engineering.

Coordinator: Arturo González Gil.

Researchers: Arturo González Gil, Antón Cacabelos Reyes, Rosa Devesa Rey, Lara Febrero Garrido, Lorena González Gil, Javier Pérez Vallejo, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez y Santiago Urréjola Madriñán.

Lines of research: “Modeling and analysis of thermal systems" and "Heat transfer in thermal fluids", "Air quality and acoustic comfort in indoor environments" and "Wastewater and solid waste treatment technologies”.

Registration date: March 30, 2023.

Resolution: D23/2023

Name: Group of Applied Mathematics for Defense .

Acronym: G-MAD6.0.

Field: Mathematics and Statisticsa.

Coordinator: María Álvarez Hernández.

Researchers: María Álvarez Hernández, Pedro Carrasco Pena, Débora Cores Carrera, Jorge Eiras Barca, Gerardo González-Cela Echevarría y Alicia Vázquez Carpentier.

Lines of research: “Modeling studies and mathematical analysis to improve the life cycle of defense systems" and "Modeling studies and mathematical analysis for the knowledge and prediction of the maritime environment".

Registration date: May 31, 2023.

Resolution: D38/2023