As established in the Centre’s Quality Manual, the Internal Quality Assurance Committee must have a balanced composition, whenever possible, between women and men and will be composed of at least the following members:

  • Director of the centre, who presides over it.
  • Deputy Director Head of Studies of the ENM.
  • Quality Coordinator.
  • Coordinator, or person delegated by him/her, of each of the bachelor’s and/or master’s degree programmes at the faculty.
  • Representative of the ENM quality area.
  • Equality Liaison.
  • A representative of the faculty.
  • A representative of the student body.
  • The centre manager or the person delegated by him/her.

In the case of the Defence University Centre, the members who, through the performance of their duties, are members of the Committee are:

  • The Director of the Centre, José Martín Davila
  • The Deputy Head of Studies of the ENM, Rafael Hernández Rodríguez.
  • The Quality Coordinator of the CUD, Lara Febrero Garrido.
  • The Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree, Belén Barragáns Martínez.
  • The Coordinator of the Master’s Degree, Milagros Fernández Gavilanes.
  • The Equality Liaison, Santiago Urréjola Madriñán.
  • The Centre Manager, Fernando González Valdivia.
  • The ENM Quality Manager, Pablo Varela Sánchez.
  • The PAS representative, Pablo Sendín Raña.
  • Two students, from the first and fourth year, will be appointed as student representatives.

In order for the faculty representatives to be able to collaborate more actively in certain issues that may arise from the actions/attributions of the Committee, 5 members representing the different areas of knowledge involved in the teaching of the degree have been appointed:

  • Carlos Casqueiro Placer (member of the Industrial Engineering field)
  • Andrés Suárez García (member of the Industrial Engineering field)
  • Miguel Ángel Álvarez Feijoo (member of the Industrial Engineering field)
  • Rosa Devesa Rey (member of the Chemistry field)
  • Paula Gómez Pérez (member of the Telecommunications Engineering field)

A representative of the ENM may be present to replace or support the Head of Studies or the ENM Quality Manager.

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