Signing of agreement between the CUD-ENM and ANECA for the evaluation of research projects

On September 14th, 2022 took place, at the headquarters of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) in Madrid, the signing of a collaboration agreement between the Defense University Center located at the Spanish Naval Academy (CUD-ENM) and ANECA, for the evaluation of projects submitted to the calls for research funding carried out by the CUD-ENM for its teaching and research staff.

Seeking maximum guarantees in the selection process of expert evaluators, intimately linked to quality, the collaboration of ANECA, the highest exponent and guarantor of quality in the fields of teaching and research in higher education in Spain, has been sought.

For such purpose, the above mentioned agreement has been subscribed. The applications submitted will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee of six experts, appointed by ANECA. These experts will respond to the profile of professor with at least three six-year periods or similar figure at international level, belonging to areas of knowledge related to the object of evaluation. The evaluation of the applications will be carried out according to the criteria, forms and priorities of evaluation established in each call of the CUD-ENM.

At the signing of the agreement, signed by the Director of the Agency, Ms. Mercedes Siles Molina, and the Director of the Defense University Center at the Spanish Naval Academy, Mr. José Martín Davila, was present the Director General of Recruitment and Military Education, Lieutenant General Mr. Pedro García Cifo, and other representatives of ANECA, CUD-ENM and the Deputy Directorate General of Military Education.