Boarding of a CUD-ENM professor on the Navy ship L-51 Galicia

From May 21st to 27th, 2023, Professor Pablo Falcón, from the Defense University Center of the Spanish Naval Academy had the opportunity to board the Amphibious Assault Ship L-51 “Galicia” together with a large group of students from the Spanish Naval Academy who were carrying out on board part of their end-of-course boarding practices.

During the six-day journey between Vigo and Lisbon, the professor had the opportunity to visit and get to know first-hand some of the facilities of one of the most modern ships of the Spanish Navy: the bridge, the flight hangar, the engine room, the flood dock, etc., as well as to share daily experiences with the officers, students and the rest of the crew. During his stay, he participated in various activities, such as “man overboard” rescue drills and “combat drill”. He also attended exercises carried out with the participation of the students, such as shooting and supplying ships at sea, among others.

As the culmination of the cruise, a group of first-year students and faculty from the Spanish Naval Academy and the Defense University Center visited the Escola Naval Portuguesa, located at the Lisbon Naval Base, headquarters of the Portuguese Navy, in the municipality of Almada.