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Defense legislation

Order DEF/375/2021, of April 20th, approving the general guidelines for the organization of research and knowledge transfer in defense university centers. Instruction 18/2021, of March 3rd, of the Undersecretary of Defense, which establishes the criteria for the qualification and classification of the students of the military educational training centers for access to the officer ranks. …

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National legislation

Royal Decree 822/2021, of September 28th, establishing the organization of university education and the procedure for quality assurance. It repeals Royal Decree 1393/2007. Royal Decree 640/2021, of July 27th, on the creation, recognition and authorization of universities and university centers, and institutional accreditation of university centers. It repeals Royal Decree 420/2015, of May 29th, on …

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Recommended bibliography – Third year

First semester Electronic technology Basic bibliography Malvino, A; Bates, Principios de Electrónica, 7ª Edición, McGraw – Hill 2006. 621.3 MAL pri Enrique Mandado, “Sistemas Electrónicos Digitales”, Editorial Marcombo, ISBN-84-267-0804-08. 621.3 MAN sis Apuntes de la asignatura. Complementary references R. Pallás Areny, “Sensores y acondiconadores de señal”, 4ª Edición, Marcombo 2003 Rafael Gómez Alcalá, David José …

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Recommended bibliography – First academic year

First Semester Mathematics: Calculus I Basics references Notes of the subject. J. Burgos. Cálculo Infinitesimal de una variable. McGraw Hill 1994. 517 BUR cal. J. Burgos. Cálculo Infinitesimal de varias variables. McGraw Hill 1995. 517 BUR cal. Complementary references J.L. Bradley, K.J. Smith. Cálculo (Volúmenes 1 y 2). Prentice Hall Iberia,1998. R. Larson, R.P. Hostetler, …

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Government team

José Martín Davila Director Office: 217 Telephone: +34 986 804901 Santiago Urréjola Madriñán Deputy director Office: 216 Telephone: +34 986 804904 Belén Barragáns Martínez Secretary Office: 213 Telephone: +34 986 804903 Fernando González Valdivia Manager Office: 215 Telephone: +34 986 804902

Projects / contracts

SAAM PROJECT: ASSISTED POSITIONING SYSTEM FOR AT-SEA PROVISIONING OF NAVY SHIPS Principal Investigator: Paula Gómez Pérez Contact address: SUMMARY Fleet ships often spend long periods of time at sea without making stopovers, so it is common for them to need refuelling on the high seas. In the refuelling manoeuvre, the ship requiring refuelling must …

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