Professional visit of second-year students to the facilities of the Spanish Company of Marine Algae (CEAMSA)

On Thursday, June the 22nd, 2023, a group of 23 students of the second year (ASP2) of the Degree in Mechanical Engineering taught at the Defense University Center at the Spanish Naval Academy (CUD-ENM), visited the facilities of the Spanish Company of Marine Algae (CEAMSA) accompanied by the professor of the CUD-ENM Mr. Santiago Urréjola Madriñán. This visit is part of the training in the chemical and environmental field, which is taught within the degree to future officers of the Navy.

CEAMSA is a company founded in 1966 in O Porriño (Pontevedra), where its headquarters are located, specialized in the production, processing and marketing of natural hydrocolloids (carrageenan, pectin, fiber, alginate or locust bean gum) which are characterized, among others, by their stabilizing, gelling, thickening or texturizing properties.

The visit began with a talk given by Mr. Jorge Trigo Somoza (Director of Human Resources), in which the students were able to learn about the history and mission of this company. Aspects related to corporate social responsibility were also highlighted, so that the students were able to see the importance of values, such as those instilled in future Navy officers, in the business environment.

After the talk, the students had the opportunity to visit the company’s facilities and R&D laboratories. During the visit to the facilities, the students first visited a pilot scale test laboratory and then verified on a real scale what was explained there, visiting the different production lines of the plant, emphasizing the operation of specific equipment (dryers, filters, heat exchangers, etc.), manufacturing processes and techniques to reduce their environmental impact, as well as the logistical aspects required to ensure the market demand worldwide.

On the other hand, the R&D laboratory team explained and showed them both the products they manufacture and some examples of their application, and the students were able to try commercial products to which these ingredients are added to achieve their final texture.