Professional visit to RETEGAL by students and faculty of the DIRETIC Master’s Degree

On Friday, June the 10th, 2022, the students belonging to the V Course of Management and Direction of STIC and Information Security, who are taking the third edition of the ICT Management for the Defense Master Degree (Master DIRETIC) visited the facilities of the public company “Redes de Telecomunicación Galegas Retegal, S. A. (RETEGAL)” accompanied by CUD-ENM lecturers Ms. Milagros Fernández Gavilanes, Mr. Rubén Nocelo López, Mr. Jorge Eiras Barca and Mr. José M. Núñez Ortuño.

The company RETEGAL manages and operates telecommunications infrastructures, systems and services in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, and has the largest broadcasting network in the entire Autonomous Community, both in terms of transport and broadcasting infrastructures.

Upon arrival at the facilities of the CRTVG (Galician Radio and Television Corporation) in San Marcos (Santiago de Compostela), students and lecturers were welcomed by the Managing Director of RETEGAL, Ms. Pilar Chapela Villanueva and by its Technical Director, telecommunications engineer Mr. Joaquín Alonso Montenegro. After the reception, Mr. Alonso gave a detailed description of the services provided by RETEGAL, followed by a tour of the facilities.

The students were able to see first-hand the CEXAR (Network Management and Attention Center), in which the monitoring and management of the relay network is carried out from a Control Room. This room manages the broadcasting signals for the DTT broadcasts of TVG and TVE, as well as the broadcasting signals of Radio Gallega (RG). CEXAR also supervises the Xunta de Galicia’s digital fire surveillance network, the RESGAL network (Digital Emergency and Security Network of Galicia), based on TETRA technology, the fiber optic network that unites all of its operating centers and an important network of radio links.

The visit continued at the RETEGAL relay center in Monte Pedroso, on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. From this center the local radio and television broadcasts of Galicia are distributed, and the radio link headers with other Galician relay centers and with CEXAR itself are located. The broadcaster also has a small “museum”, where you can see the historical evolution that the technology related to the broadcasting of radio and television signals has undergone.

At the end of the visit, a commemorative plaque was handed over to RETEGAL’s Managing Director, Ms. Pilar Chapela Villanueva.