Visit to the Air Surveillance Squadron (EVA-10) and to the Santiago Military Aerodrome

On June 30th, 2022 a group of students of the 4th brigade made an extracurricular visit to the facilities of the Air Surveillance Squadron number 10 (EVA-10) located on Mount Iroite in the Sierra del Barbanza (Noia, A Coruña) and the military airfield of Santiago, both of the Air Force. The students were accompanied by the TN José Enrique de la Torre Martínez and by the CUD-ENM lecturer Rubén Nocelo López.

During the visit to the Air Surveillance Squadron EVA-10, the students received information about the functioning of the Spanish airspace surveillance system and the mission entrusted to the Air Surveillance Squadrons. A mission that goes from obtaining, processing and transmitting radar data to its subsequent exploitation by the Air Command and Control System. During the visit, the students were able to see first-hand the equipment of the LANZA 3D radar system, from the signal transmission module to the target detection and tracking module, as well as the different radio links available in the ground-to-air communications room to transmit the information to the Command and Control Groups.

During the visit to the Santiago Military Aerodrome, the students were informed about the mission of logistical and security support to the different units deployed or in transit that this aerodrome has entrusted within the General Air Command. Among these permanently supported units is the 43rd Air Force Group in charge of fighting forest fires. During the visit, the students were able to see the aerodrome facilities, which include everything from the garage hangar to the aircraft parking platform.