Enrollment process, progress and permanence in the master degree

The Center will be in charge of opening the student’s file, preparing the registration documents, the student card and will manage the compulsory school insurance.

The documentation that must be submitted to formalize the enrollment can be found at the following link. In addition, the student must cover the following documents:

Each student of the University of Vigo must comply with the rules of progress and permanence in all academic years from entry to completion of the degree. These rules define aspects such as the regime of full-time studies, the number of exams that can be taken or the number of ECTS that must be passed each academic year. In the case that for some circumstances adequately justified, it is not possible to comply with these conditions, the suspension of its application may be requested and it will be assessed according to what is specified in the regulations published in the Official Gazette of Galicia no. 124 of 30th June, 2017.