Teaching methodology and syllabus

Taking into account that the students are civil servants of the Ministry of Defense (or linked to it) and that, therefore, they must reconcile their studies with their work activity, the master’s program is taught in blended learning mode: each academic period will consist of a distance learning phase of about 20 weeks followed by a face-to-face phase of 3 weeks.

The online part will be developed using the Corporate Virtual Campus of the Ministry of Defense (CVCDEF), the teledocency portal of the University of Vigo (MooVi), complemented with videoconferencing tools such as, for example, the Remote Campus of the University of Vigo. The face-to-face part will take place at the facilities of the Defense University Center, located at the Spanish Naval Academy in Marin. Likewise, the program is designed to be taken part-time, with the aim of distributing, as far as possible, the student’s effort over time.

The DIRETIC Master’s Degree Syllabus, approved by resolution of the University of Vigo on July 12th, 2021, is composed of 20 subjects classified into three well-differentiated blocks, with a total of 60 ECTS credits distributed over three semesters:

  • C1: first semester of first academic year

  • C2: second semester of the first academic year

  • C3: first semester of the second academic year