The faculty in charge of teaching in the master’s degree comes mainly from two areas:

  • Faculty from the Defence University Centre and/or the University of Vigo, who contribute both academic insight and their extensive teaching and research experience. The faculty involved in the master degree programme comes mainly from the fields of industrial organisation, telematics engineering and signal and communications theory.
  • Faculty from the business and/or civil service fields. In this regard, given the orientation of the master’s degree towards the area of ICT management and direction, its lecturers include professionals with extensive experience and recognised prestige in this area. These experts include a wide range of profiles, including: project management, technology consultancy, ICT systems management, entrepreneurship and venture capital, digital innovation management, etc.

In addition, we have the support of members of the Spanish Naval Forces, who collaborate in the teaching activity to deal with subjects and contents that, due to their interest for Defence, and because of their nature, make it advisable for them to participate.

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