As established in point 4.2 of the verification report of the Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering regarding admission requirements and acceptance criteria, the admission profile in terms of skills, abilities and prior knowledge will be for students to have passed the High School Diploma in the Technological Branch. More specifically, the following qualities are considered desirable for students:

  • Basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, graphic expression and computer science.
  • Full capacity for reading, reflection and oral and written communication.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language (preferably English)
  • Inquisitiveness, curiosity and initiative.
  • Ability to work in a group.
  • Interest in the degree and in the profession for which it qualifies.

Given the possibility that in the future University Entrance Exams a weighted average is established for the group of subjects according to the degree to which the student wishes to be admitted, it would be desirable that in this average, the subjects with the highest weighting should were:

  • Mathematics.
  • Physics.

The procedure for the definition of this profile is included in PC04 concerning the selection, admission and enrolment of students in the Quality Assurance System of the Centre. This document also mentions the student recruitment process, which also involves an inevitable definition of the admission profile before developing recruitment strategies.

In the case of the Defense University Center, in addition to being in possession of the requirements for admission, the applicant must have the following characteristics in order to successfully complete their training:

  • Identify with moral values and the Spanish constitutional system.
  • Be able to value and show interest in professional issues related to Defence and Security and have a vocation for the Service.
  • Knowledge of basic sciences: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It is also recommended that the High School Diploma studied is the science and technology one with the scientific-technical option.
  • Possess an adequate level of English language expression and comprehension, both spoken and written, comparable to the High School level.
  • Be physically fit, have a good resistance to fatigue, energy and a positive attitude towards sport.
  • Have the ability to work in a methodical and organised manner, with dedication and initiative.
  • Be able to handle human relationships adequately and be able to adapt to teamwork.
  • Possess creativity and ingenuity as well as a critical analytical mentality with scientific curiosity and practical skills.

Basic information on joining the Armed Forces is available on the corresponding website of the Ministry of Defence ( The dissemination of the mentioned information, apart from the official publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and in the Official Defence Gazette (BOD), is carried out through the aforementioned website, advertisements in the press, radio and television, itinerant exhibitions in different Spanish cities, and in the Provincial Delegations and Sub-delegations of the Ministry of Defence, as well as on the Center’s own website.