Bachelor’s Degree Title:

Through your virtual secretary’s office at UVIGO you will be able to start the procedures to apply for the degree title. You will have to click on the left side on “Official Degrees/Expedition” and enter the data requested by the application.

Click “Next” until you complete the 7 steps by filling in the requested data. Once done, you will have to digitally sign (digital certificate) the title request and proceed to the payment of fees.

Once you have paid, you must send us by mail to :

  • Application for issuance of the title (copy for the center) digitally signed.
  • Proof of payment of fees.
  • Photocopy of ID.
  • In case of exemptions, the documentation that justifies them. (Example: Large family title).

Personal academic certificate:

You will have to request it through an email to and we will send you the fees with the steps to follow for payment and subsequent issuance of the certificate that we will send to your email digitally signed.


If you need to prove that you are a university graduate from the University of Vigo, you have these two options: