Permanence regulations

The students of the Defense University Center at the Spanish Naval Academy, in their double condition of university and military students, are subject to the following two rules of permanence

Summarizing, both regulations state:

  • Maximum number of calls for subjects: The maximum number of calls for each of the subjects of the Bachelor Degree will be six, being four for the rest of the subjects of the curriculum, with the exception of what is indicated in these regulations for physical tests and the Instruction and Training module. The way to pass them will be one of the following:
    • Throughout the course by the continuous evaluation process, and in the case of not passing it by continuous evaluation, by passing an exam at the end of the course (first call).
    • In the case of not passing it in the first call, before the beginning of the following academic year, by passing an exam (second call).
    • In the case of not passing the exam in the second call, the subject may be passed by repeating the process indicated in the two previous points until completing, at most, the number of calls established above.
  • Deadlines for passing the study plan: The entire training process must be passed within a maximum period of eight academic years, without this excluding the application of university regulations for the bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, the student will withdraw from the military training center.
  • Regarding the minimum academic performance in order not to be discharged from the training center: It will imply discharge from the military training center:
    • Failure to pass any subject, after exhausting the ordinary and, where appropriate, extraordinary calls or exceeding the maximum deadlines set to complete the curricula.
    • Failure to pass, for the second time, any of the subjects of the instruction and training module or the physical tests corresponding to that course, except when it is due to injury or illness, in which case the student will remain in the course.
    • For students enrolled in the first and second year, failure to pass in each of them, at least thirty percent (30%) of the total credits of the subjects of the curriculum of which he/she is enrolled, and which correspond to the course in which he/she is framed.
  • Regarding the minimum academic performance in order not to repeat a school year: The student will be able to progress in the study plans when he/she has passed at least seventy percent (70%) of the credits of the subjects established in the curriculum for the academic year in which he/she is enrolled. In no case may the student progress in the course without passing the subjects of the Instruction and Training module and the physical tests.
  • Regarding enrollment requirements: In all those cases where there is a recognition of credits, the Teaching Board, once the appropriate credits have been amortized, may assign the student subjects of higher courses, in order to harmonize his/her workload, being able to reach up to a maximum of credits equal to those established for the course in which he/she is enrolled. In addition, for those students who are enrolled in subjects from courses prior to the one in which they are framed, they may be enrolled in up to thirty percent (30%) of additional credits. The same will be done with students who repeat the year.