Basic competences are those that must be acquired by any graduate within the Spanish University System. They refer to the capabilities that a student must possess at the time of completing their undergraduate studies, regardless of the Degree and University in which they have studied.

These basic competences have been defined and established by Royal Decree 1393/2007, and are shown below:

3.2 At least, the following basic competences will be guaranteed, in the case of the Bachelor Degree, and those others that appear in the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, (MECES):
*[CB1] That students have demonstrated knowledge and understanding in a field of study that part of the basis of general secondary education, and is typically at a level which, although it is supported by advanced textbooks, includes some aspects that require knowledge of the forefront of their field of study;
*[CB2] That students can apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional manner and have competences typically demonstrated through devising and sustaining arguments and solving problems within their field of study;
*[CB3] That students have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data (usually within their field of study) to inform judgments that include reflection on relevant social, scientific or ethical subjects;
*[CB4] That students can communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialist and non-specialist audiences;
*[CB5] That students have developed those learning skills needed to undertake further studies with a high degree of autonomy.

* The codification does not belong to 1393/2007